25% off for Chamber Members

ENERGY PRICES START to rise at the end of Summer – increasing your business running costs.  In response to this, we are offering 25% OFF all Energy Manager Service Fees to members of the Leeds, York & North Yorkshire Chamber of Commerce when taken out this year (2013). Prices start at £199 (before discount) and include our ‘No Risk’ guarantee – to save you at least double your investment or we give you money back.

Often businesses simply switch to the cheapest tariff or supplier. However, with gas and electricity prices rising year on year, this will only generate a short term gain.

Here are some tips on quick, cost effective changes to help reduce your energy consumption and generate immediate savings.


  • Turn off photocopiers, printers, desktop computers, mobile phone chargers etc., and don’t use standby modes on electrical equipment. Open blinds to take advantage of natural lighting and switch on lights only when needed. Typically circa 20-30% of energy used in the majority of offices goes solely on lighting!
  • Make sure systems are only operating within your normal working hours.
  • Implement strict temperature policies both Summer and Winter. This will generate up to 15% Energy Savings and create harmony between heating and cooling systems.
  • Appointing “green champions” will encourage behaviour change.
  • Set the temperature in server rooms to a minimum 24oC.


  • Clean roof lights to reduce the need for artificial lighting. Also consider detectors to automate and control lighting; this will provide potential savings and generate a reduction in CO2 emissions.
  • Check any air compressor units and repair leaks to reduce unnecessary wastage. This offers a very rapid return on investment and by monitoring for leaks, you can continue to reap the energy benefits.
  • If your processes are motor intensive consider variable speed drives to reduce consumption. This reduces waste by ensuring no more energy than necessary is used in these processes.
  • Review machinery start up procedures to decrease “maximum demand”. This gives you more scope to renegotiate your tariff with your energy supplier.

Finally, create an energy management policy to monitor and drive consumption downwards. This should focus on increasing efficiency, reducing consumption and generating a real on-going return on investment. Remember to get this assessed independently.

We are proud to have produced this guide for the Leeds Chamber of Commerce. For a free consultation call 0845 505 0255 or email us here.

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We’ll Save you Double your Fee!

WOULD YOU LIKE an in-house energy manager for a year, significantly reducing your utility cost by up to a quarter?  Our trained and experienced energy professionals guarantee to save you at least twice our very reasonable fee in the first year or your money back.

Start by answering these questions:

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Half price Consultancy Fees through MAS!

The Manufacturing Advisory Service (MAS) is halving our consultancy costs so we can help reduce your energy bills.
PASCHALi is seeking manufacturing organisations who want to reduce their energy consumption and spend.   We can identify the best options to improve your premises and working practices. PASCHALi is one of only a handful of energy experts working with MAS  – and we guarantee to find you thousands of pounds worth of savings on your energy, waste and water bills.

Our audit process is rapid and effective,  with very low effort for you … and currently half price!

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Free, impartial advice to cut your business costs

PASCHALi can give you Free, impartial advice to cut business costs, funded by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF). PASCHALi is now seeking just 9 more firms or organisations to take part, absolutely free and discover the best options to improve their premises and working practices. And PASCHALi is one of only a handful of expert companies carrying out the assessments in the region with CO2 Sense, the not-for-profit low carbon expert company. Call us on freephone 0845 505 0255 to find out if you are eligible.

Free environmental audit saves £2,970 and cuts bills by a quarter

Boxer warehouse landscapeMAY WE TELL YOU ABOUT BOXER gift manufacturer – who is saving thousands of pounds on their energy and waste bills? The free grant scheme they’ve enjoyed offers bespoke, expert engineering advice to slash costs – funded by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF.) This design-manufacturer of fun gifts is also a distributor across the UK and Ireland. When we met them, their premises had single glazed windows and the boiler was old and not fit for purpose. Recent utility bills were £12,650, with a consumption of 206,170 kWh.

Call us on freephone 0845 505 0255 to find out if you’re eligible to apply for a fully funded audit to start your business saving money.
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