Biomass Boiler Potential Safety Problems when in Slumber Mode…

PASCHALi has become aware of a potential hazard in some biomass boilers when operating in slumber mode. The concern is that when operating in slumber mode partial combustion may occur generating unburned flue gases, including carbon monoxide.
It is important that:

1. The flue is designed to ensure that the carbon monoxide concentration cannot rise above the lower explosive limit. In particular, where the flue is fan assisted, it is important to make provision for the continued safe removal of flue gases in the event that either the fan or the power supply to the fan should fail;

2. The boiler’s fire door should never be opened when a boiler is operating in slumber mode because the inrush of air could result in a flash-over or explosion;

3. The fuel used is within the specification required by the boiler.

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