Renewable energy system saves £thousands!

This faith community reached its full year target for generating solar power from new panels on its roof three months early and saved thousands of pounds, thanks to PASCHALi Greener Working Solutions. The consultant had just a few weeks to advise on how to create renewable solar energy, and get the system installed on tight deadlines just as Government tariffs changed!

The aim was to reduce energy consumption for this community building serving 350 families, advising on which renewable energy options would be most efficient. PASCHALi helped select the best solution available, guiding and advising regarding a maze of products, contractors and planning regulations. The Board opted for a 10kWp solar PV panel installation on the roof, with Protech Solar Systems as the chosen contractor.

“I cannot recommend Barry Paschali highly enough,” said Sinai Synagogue Chair, Nick Dyson. “He helped us through the minefield of regulations, planning rules and complex practicalities of designing and installing a 10kWp PV system on our synagogue roof. When the regulations changed and we had to work to tight deadlines, Barry came up trumps every time, going above and beyond what could reasonably be expected of a consultant to ensure we got the right system and the right price in time. We hope we can work with Barry on future renewable projects.”

Sinai had generated 8000 Kwh of electricity by the end of Q3 2012, smashing target predictions of 6400 KwH per annum. This was despite an exceptionally washed out Summer, with rainfall far exceeding UK averages and sunshine hours well below expectations throughout April to July.

Total electricity costs for the eight months to August were £326 cheaper (£1,203, down from £1,529 for the equivalent period 2011 – with the unit price unchanged.)  The total income received by Q3 was £2,925.  So, the community earned significantly more from generating electricity over the year than its bills cost, making up to 40% more than expected in 2012.

The way it works
The new system generated 996 KWh even during the first Winter weeks of 2012. The money is paid in the form of a credit on energy bill and is indexed linked – going up in line with inflation. The community building also then receives a small premium for excess power that is fed into the National Grid. PASHCALi managed to help gain planning permission and install the panels with only days to spare in order to benefit from the Government’s Feed-In-Tariff scheme, therefore securing very good rates for the electricity, index linked and guaranteed for 25 years.

According to Rabbi Ian Morris, the move was inspired by a strong sense of social responsibility:

“Our obligation to look after our world is clear in the Torah and we want to play our part in the fight in preserving our environment. Our solar panels serve as a powerful message about our values. As an added benefit we can benefit our congregants by lowering the costs on their community building and reduce our carbon footprint for the future.”

PASCHALi advised on other measures to make Sinai an eco-synagogue. They have now installed low energy lighting and ensure heat and light in unused zones of the building is completely turned off. Contact or call 0845 505 0255 to see what we can do for your property or estate portfolio or visit for a range of case studies from Major Corporates to SME and third sector projects.


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