Energy savings of 62% for Grade II listed building

“With PASCHALi’s help we have been able to identify and implement cost savings which far outweighed the initial capital.” Katherine Hutt, Finance Manager, Swarthmore.
ONE OF THE BEST facilities for arts education in West Yorkshire, the Swarthmore Education Centre, offers professional qualifications in therapeutic counselling, life-drawing, pottery, jewellery, stained glass and sculpture courses, maths, English and I.T for people with learning disabilities, those seeking to develop their skills or looking for employment, families, children and the region’s wider population,
The centre is a charity, which operates out of a Grade II listed building made up of six four-storey houses in the centre of Leeds. As part of a grant application for a new roof, PASCHALi was appointed to carry out an energy audit. We identified energy saving opportunities of circa 62% with a significant amount of these realised with very little outlay – pretty much instantaneously!

Swarthmore Education CentreThe energy bill was £35,000 per annum and it was important to raise awareness for everyone to take responsibility to cut it down to size. The first key was to implement behavioural policies – with the simplest tools such as signs to remind people to turn off lights and heat when they left classrooms. New timers turned off heating when rooms were vacated or the building was not in use at either end of the day. Switches are likely to be changed to include PIRs that detect when people leave and lights are no longer needed.
Crucially, our initial energy audit identified short, medium and long-term implications of any outlay, with payback in many of these “quick win” situations being less than a year and further savings for many years to come.
Our delighted client subsequently appointed PASCHALi as their specialist renewable energy advisors to produce the specification, vet tenders and manage the installation of a new 14.5kWp Solar Panel system – saving even more money and providing them with an income stream too!Swarthmore roof
Says Katherine Hutt: “PASCHALi was able to guide us through procurement and registration process. There was lots of documentation and complex legislation but we went live on the 1st of November and are looking forward to our first savings in this Winter quarter!

“In the medium term we are looking at other options including secondary glazing and the potential for a new boiler – assessing savings, cost outlay and ensuring compliance with our listed building status. Energy efficiency can be difficult for the inexperienced with conflicting advice. It is also difficult for a “lay person” to be able to competently assess payback and cost savings. PASCHALi focused our attention to find the time to devote to this and scoped the works for us so we can take the most appropriate approach.  So, now we have a plan to make Swarthmore continuously more efficient.  Now we know the time and funds invested have been put into the right places.”
One part of the project will integrate £8,000 worth of insulation into the roof project, with savings quantified regarding payback periods. Solar panels will payback in around 16 years within a 25-year contract, offering savings for at least 7 years and probably much more. Small items, such as timers, will payback within just 12 months.Swarthmore Arts Centre
Swarthmore is currently fundraising for a quarter of a million pounds for the new roof.

There is a more complete breakdown of the energy reductions identified on our website.


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