New!!! Energy Training Courses Offered by PASCHALi

Energy Management for Industrial and Commercial Environments

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The Course is designed for Energy Managers and those responsible for Energy Management to gain a better understanding of how to quickly reduce energy consumption. It will give participants useful skills and techniques which can be put into practice straight away so that they can reduce their organisations’ energy consumption and costs.  This one day course will cover:

  • General Energy Profiling (where us energy used the most)
  • How to identify and calculate actual savings – an introduction to professional measurement and verification techniques (IPMVP)
  • How to prioritise effectively energy saving initiatives to ensure senior management buy-in.
  • How to save energy by using the “Affinity Laws”
  • The hidden cost of compressed air and how to tap into savings
  • Pros & Cons of ISO 50001 and is it right for you
  • ESOS – what are the next steps
  • Techniques on writing business cases and getting them approved.

A certificate for attendance will also be issued for CDP purposes.

Includes, free parking endless tea and coffee and a good quality lunch too!

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PASCHALi offers physical on-site measurement, monitoring and verification

We now provide a physical on-site energy measurement, monitoring and verification service in a number of areas such as;

  • Electrical (kWh, kVA, Power Factor and harmonics) for both single and three phase circuits and motors. We use the latest Power Energy Loggers (PELs) and can produce a comprehensive report of our findings, including consumption costs and opportunities for savings.
  • Compressed Air system leak detection - we will identify costly leaks by using the latest ultra-sonic equipment. Again, we will independently estimate the leakage costs to your business and recommend the best solution(s). Remember, one tiny 6mm diameter hole can cost circa £20,000 p.a. on 7 bar system!
  • Lighting Levels - We can measure your current lightings levels (fluorescent and LED) and provide unbiased recommendations on how these can be reduced or improved for both cost savings and ambiance.
  • Heat Leakage - By using the latest thermal imaging cameras we can show you how energy is lost through poor insulation and or building fabric – a very useful and inexpensive way to save thousands of pounds