New!!! Energy Training Courses Offered by PASCHALi

Energy Management for Industrial and Commercial Environments

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The Course is designed for Energy Managers and those responsible for Energy Management to gain a better understanding of how to quickly reduce energy consumption. It will give participants useful skills and techniques which can be put into practice straight away so that they can reduce their organisations’ energy consumption and costs.  This one day course will cover:

  • General Energy Profiling (where us energy used the most)
  • How to identify and calculate actual savings – an introduction to professional measurement and verification techniques (IPMVP)
  • How to prioritise effectively energy saving initiatives to ensure senior management buy-in.
  • How to save energy by using the “Affinity Laws”
  • The hidden cost of compressed air and how to tap into savings
  • Pros & Cons of ISO 50001 and is it right for you
  • ESOS – what are the next steps
  • Techniques on writing business cases and getting them approved.

A certificate for attendance will also be issued for CDP purposes.

Includes, free parking endless tea and coffee and a good quality lunch too!

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PASCHALi offers physical on-site measurement, monitoring and verification

We now provide a physical on-site energy measurement, monitoring and verification service in a number of areas such as;

  • Electrical (kWh, kVA, Power Factor and harmonics) for both single and three phase circuits and motors. We use the latest Power Energy Loggers (PELs) and can produce a comprehensive report of our findings, including consumption costs and opportunities for savings.
  • Compressed Air system leak detection - we will identify costly leaks by using the latest ultra-sonic equipment. Again, we will independently estimate the leakage costs to your business and recommend the best solution(s). Remember, one tiny 6mm diameter hole can cost circa £20,000 p.a. on 7 bar system!
  • Lighting Levels - We can measure your current lightings levels (fluorescent and LED) and provide unbiased recommendations on how these can be reduced or improved for both cost savings and ambiance.
  • Heat Leakage - By using the latest thermal imaging cameras we can show you how energy is lost through poor insulation and or building fabric – a very useful and inexpensive way to save thousands of pounds

PASCHALi offers Training and Support for ISO 14001 & ISO 50001

We are supporting and training major organisations in ISO 50001 and ISO 14001.  We will soon be running our own Energy Training Courses to help our clients understand and manage their energy better.

Training is a great and easy way to expand your business and improve performance through engaging staff in sustainability issues. We offer a range of practical training and advice to help you understand and manage your own energy and maximise your business potential in a sustainable manner. We are able to teach the requirements and audit a number of certifications and accreditations, including;

  • ISO 14001 – 2004 and 2015 (Environmental Management Systems);
  • ISO 50001 – 2011 (Energy Management Systems); and
  • The Carbon Trust Standard

We work with a number of clients to ensure they achieve re-accreditations in the chosen standard and keep up-to-date with their audits, as well as support them in continuous improvement. We also implement successful employee engagement programmes which have shown consumption reductions of 31.5%! Energy standards and formation of Energy Strategies are second nature to us.

PASCHALi panel at Leeds & London ESTA events

As part of our continued support to business, PASCHALi will be on the panel of experts at upcoming ESTA (the Energy Services and Technology Association) events.

The day will focus on key themes including, understanding, managing and reducing energy consumption across your business.

Barry Paschali will be at the Royal Armouries in LEEDS on the 19th June

… And also at Church House, Westminster, LONDON on the 26th of June.

The sessions are split between presentations and discussion panels ensuring you get all the information you need from peers, energy specialists and government policy makers alike.

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PASCHALi at Eco-Fair – Elland Road Stadium, Leeds, 22nd May 2014

Eco-Fair is an annual environmental expo which takes place in Yorkshire. Now in its fifth year, the 2014 event is expected to attract over 1,000 visitors.

This is PASCHALi’s third year at Eco-Fair, and as always we expect to meet a whole variety of businesses to give them specialist advice on reducing energy consumption and associated costs.

Eco-Fair’s goals are simple. To inspire businesses to change and to help them find green business solutions to everyday problems. Speaker programme and exhibitors are chosen to provide support on four key topics: energy saving, waste reduction, greener transport and motivating change.

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Biomass Boiler Potential Safety Problems when in Slumber Mode…

PASCHALi has become aware of a potential hazard in some biomass boilers when operating in slumber mode. The concern is that when operating in slumber mode partial combustion may occur generating unburned flue gases, including carbon monoxide.
It is important that:

1. The flue is designed to ensure that the carbon monoxide concentration cannot rise above the lower explosive limit. In particular, where the flue is fan assisted, it is important to make provision for the continued safe removal of flue gases in the event that either the fan or the power supply to the fan should fail;

2. The boiler’s fire door should never be opened when a boiler is operating in slumber mode because the inrush of air could result in a flash-over or explosion;

3. The fuel used is within the specification required by the boiler.

If you would like further guidance or advice please contact PASCHALi on 0113 25 15 700

ESOS – Upcoming Legislation

The EU Energy Efficiency Directive (2012/27/EU) requires all Member States to introduce a regime of regular energy audits for ‘large enterprises’ (non-SMEs) to promote the uptake of cost-effective energy efficiency measures. These audits must be undertaken by 5 December 2015, and then every four years thereafter.

The consultation seeks views on the UK’s approach to meeting this requirement through implementing a new Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme (ESOS). The Government’s ambition is to develop a proportionate and better regulation approach, which yields real energy efficiency rewards.

For further information about how PASCHALi can help you with ongoing energy legislation please contact 0845 505 0255 or email

25% off for Chamber Members

ENERGY PRICES START to rise at the end of Summer – increasing your business running costs.  In response to this, we are offering 25% OFF all Energy Manager Service Fees to members of the Leeds, York & North Yorkshire Chamber of Commerce when taken out this year (2013). Prices start at £199 (before discount) and include our ‘No Risk’ guarantee – to save you at least double your investment or we give you money back.

Often businesses simply switch to the cheapest tariff or supplier. However, with gas and electricity prices rising year on year, this will only generate a short term gain.

Here are some tips on quick, cost effective changes to help reduce your energy consumption and generate immediate savings.


  • Turn off photocopiers, printers, desktop computers, mobile phone chargers etc., and don’t use standby modes on electrical equipment. Open blinds to take advantage of natural lighting and switch on lights only when needed. Typically circa 20-30% of energy used in the majority of offices goes solely on lighting!
  • Make sure systems are only operating within your normal working hours.
  • Implement strict temperature policies both Summer and Winter. This will generate up to 15% Energy Savings and create harmony between heating and cooling systems.
  • Appointing “green champions” will encourage behaviour change.
  • Set the temperature in server rooms to a minimum 24oC.


  • Clean roof lights to reduce the need for artificial lighting. Also consider detectors to automate and control lighting; this will provide potential savings and generate a reduction in CO2 emissions.
  • Check any air compressor units and repair leaks to reduce unnecessary wastage. This offers a very rapid return on investment and by monitoring for leaks, you can continue to reap the energy benefits.
  • If your processes are motor intensive consider variable speed drives to reduce consumption. This reduces waste by ensuring no more energy than necessary is used in these processes.
  • Review machinery start up procedures to decrease “maximum demand”. This gives you more scope to renegotiate your tariff with your energy supplier.

Finally, create an energy management policy to monitor and drive consumption downwards. This should focus on increasing efficiency, reducing consumption and generating a real on-going return on investment. Remember to get this assessed independently.

We are proud to have produced this guide for the Leeds Chamber of Commerce. For a free consultation call 0845 505 0255 or email us here.

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